Indie Playlist: Sept. 24, 2012

O HI glad you’re back for more Indie Playlist. Check out deez presents Sweetest Drip brought to your door!

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01. Moullinex – Kassette

Check out Português DJ/producer Moullinex with his latest maravilhoso releases! Cool thing about brus like Moullinex, they’ll play tracks like Kassette at numerous live settings and give ‘em away for free-fitty as a “thank you for chillin’ hard with me and I hope we can continue to have nice things together” gift.

If you’ve had any inkling towards the nu-disco & house scene, you’ve probably seen his name pop up here and there on original productions and remixes from equally awesome artists. Moullinex is finally prepping his debut album Flora, due out late October via must-peep indie label Gomma Records.

02. Sango – Da Rocinha

Ever since Diplo, Jonas Rathsman, and other like-minded producers spread knowledge about Brazilian favela booty beats (baile funk AKA funk carioca) throughout DJ/production culture, it’s hard to stop fantasizing about base-jumping off of Cristo Redentor drenched in celebratory 2014 (World Cup)/2016 (Olympics) caipirinhas.

I can’t explain how much I’ve been wanting these sounds to come together. I don’t remember exactly how I found out about Sango (Sweetest Drip OG I’m lookin’ at chu ♥), but I’m sho as fuq glad I’ve got these beats in my collection now. Behold: 808-driven/no-hands clapping dance music excellence.

“After spending time just searching for music outside the US, I luckily landed on some of the most influential, unique and most developed sound that has been out for quite some time. The sound I speak about is Brazil’s own, baile funk or what they call it, “funk carioca”. This mixtape is more of a sound study of baile funk. I felt this sound is still somewhat untouched in some music scenes. I wanted to give my interpretation of the music, and was also curious of how baile funk’s distinct loops and provoking sounds would sound layer under my ideas. This EP is loud and real.

The name Da Rocinha simply means, in Brazilian Portuguese, “Of Rocinha”. Rocinha is one of the most popular favelas in Brazil, which is located in Rio De Janeiro. Rocinha pretty much birth the baile funk sound and what I want to show is how Rocinha influenced me.”Sango

03. Hemingway – Joy Stick

It’s inevitable that music makers who grew up playin’ vidya gamez will end up injecting those lovable/addicting 8-64 bit ditties into today’s production standard. There are many contemporary artists trying to conceptualize/personalize tunes based on their favorite video game soundtracks; Groundislava and Noms especially come to mind outside of the chiptune genre.

Our bru Hemingway is no exception with his latest tune Joy Stick, which I could see used as a perfect BGM for an avant-garde porno or a simply a go-to track for when you wanna kick back and let these funky bleep bloops soothe your soul.

04. Jonas Rathsman – W4W

Since summertime nearing its end according to back to school sales and the sudden lack of massive music festivals on a moment’s notice, might I suggest pulling out that beach chair for a couple more uses?

W4W by Jonas Rathsman is an essential farewell-to-summer tune, especially with its luscious steel-drum assisted buildup and signature vibetastic vocals. If anything’s troubling you these days — like if you couldn’t finish that beautiful bb tan in time (ooooooof baby baby) — maxchill with an artist who’ll never do you dirt.

05. Knxwledge – klemintine|taype

Lemme end with a kiss on da forehead for all my beautiful bbs out there. Finna spread that peace, love, and Knxwledge.

lovin’ u~ lovin’ u~ 어떡해 what should I do?

Indie Playlist Monday: April 9, 2012

Indie Playlist Monday: April 9, 2012

Indie Playlist Mondays

Every week, we’ll share ten new tracks and videos that make us say yay!
Allow us to complement your growing indie playlist with some of the sweetest tunes.
We don’t rate with numbers because everything is cat-approved.

01. Towa Tei – The Burning Plain
(feat. Yukihiro Takahashi & Kiko Mizuhara)

Reuel: Though The Burning Plain video is almost a year old (and not indie), I absolutely made sure to include it on today’s playlist cuz I call da shots. On the real though, ultra-haute Kiko werks it 100 and Towa Tei comes thru clean; radiant qualities of any Sweetest Driplet.

02. SaiR – Bright

Roddy: Really feeling this track from SaiR. I am getting some Daft Punk vibes from it in the fresh sense (not the unoriginal wanna-be-Daft-Punk sense).

03. Munk & Peaches – You Can’t Run From My Love

Reuel: Munk and Peaches lite up ur luv stuff with this video treatment/hottt track off of the Gomma-released Casablanca Reworks EP.

04. Zimmer – Slave To Your Heart (Xinobi Remix)

Roddy: Awesome remix by Xinobi! It’s a bit on the loungey side and that’s all good!

05. Knight One – Onyx

Reuel: Knight One is back to test ur dancin’ shoooooes with dat signature slickness (with an upcoming feature from Howard).

06. Solar Bears – Cosmic Runner

Reuel: Solar Bears announced their upcoming Supermigration album today and shared this trippy lil cruise through time and space with us.

07. Volta Cab – Let’s Get Stoned

Roddy: Ya know it!

08. Jared Dymbort – Family Values

Reuel: Jared Dymbort hit up Sweetest Drip to make sure we’re workin’ with some Family Values in mind. Yet another feature by young bb Reuel in da werks!

09. TNGHT – Introducing… TNGHT

Reuel: Hudson Mohawke and Lunice got somethin’ 2 get u out of yer Mundane Mondaze.

10. Heatwolves – BL▲CKCLOUDBL▲CKR▲IN // 黑云黑雨

Reuel: Damn son, where’d u find that? Real trap shit mixed by a Ameribru in Shanghai.

We’ll be sure to keep your seat warm and the groove intact until next week’s indie playlist — Sweetest Drip got yer back.

Does this week’s indie playlist lack a track?

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