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Fever Party 2 with Pharaohs & Young Adults

Friends of Friends got Sweetest Drip hip to the FEVER Party at Los Globos in LA last Tuesday. We got deeply in touch with our bodies

courtesy of Young Adults and Pharaohs.

Wanting to continue on with a proper four-day weekend, I swooped up Howard and as many Dripletsss able to fit in the Sweetest van.

We prepared ourselves for a fun/laid-back time with good company in lil Los Angeles, but didn’t expect it to be kept so real: when we arrived Young Adults were on the decks for real, pullin’ out that top-shelf vinyl. FoF boss Lazy Brow and Deep Body don’t do CDJs; something I haven’t seen in quite some time!

Young Adults – YA 003

As part of a nearly endangered breed of all-vinyl mixologists, Young Adults let the records play in this ADD-riddled digital age. Purveyors of future body musics, Deep Body and Lazy Brow conjure grow house, sultry sleaze, deep lurk, sunsoaked slowburn and deviant disco concoctions. YA acts as a collective, a blog and a record label launching its inaugural two 12″s this summer.

Pharaohs’ layered instrumentals flickered on smoothly after Young Adults’ set, each member coaxing trippy notes and tones out of synths, sexy-sax/oboe, drum machines/IRL bongos, and even a corded telephone receiver. Check out the Jazner interview/mp3 premieres for Pharoahs’ songs What??? and Uhh Uhh (Aceeed Myx) and basically the realest tip you can get on this excellent group of indie artists.

We want our audience to lose themselves and be free.  To exit their bodies.



Young Adults & Pharaohs did us right

and kept our four-day-fiestivities alive ‘n kickin’. A lot of things came together at Fever Party 2; whether they were profound dancefloor philosophies or that good ol’ feelin’ good witchu, truth is I felt dat bodyhigh — the kind you get when you know really good music’s being played for u.

Young Adults – YA 004

The ball has dropped. The bars have closed. A thick layer of dewy fog rests heavy on the hard cityscape. Let’s take a trip through the deep bowels of the night – back alleys, speakeasies, redlight specials and bittersweet comedowns. Your trusty Young Adults guides, Deep Body and Lazy Brow, conjure up the finest nether hour fire starters to keep pulses high and footwork fancy when it matters most.

For those who dug down and showed us their moves pon de floor at Fever Party 2, we hope our moves returned in kind! Sweetest Drip looks forward 2 seeing u all at the next Fever Party ;)

Pharaohs – What???

Young Adults & Pharaohs gallery credit: David Nakamura and Eric Bangert

Bobby Champs

Bobby Champs: Twerk to this Techno

Let’s get te’ chno (lol pun) Bobby Champs

Bobby Champs – Moonlight

As I write this feature on a Thursday night creepin’ into a Friday,

Bobby Champs - 'Moonlight' EP

credit: Bobby Champs Facebook

I’m chillin’ hard with Bobby Champs, who’s bangin’ through my speakers all the way from somewhere between Essex and Brighton.

I’m shuffling/repeating the four-track Moonlight EP, sent our way via Champs’ label Pictures Music.

Releasing this Monday, Feb. 20th, Moonlight is Bobby Champs’ knock on the doorway to primo indie music exposure.

This bro’s verdict? It’s a slick debut and a quality work of art for those who fancy a more sinister booty bounce.

Here’s a bit of that official pro-tip:

Bobby Champs’ music is straight up dance floor. Subtlety doesn’t come into it. “When I make tunes I imagine myself dancing to them at Fabric, if I can’t imagine people going nuts, it gets scrapped”.

– via Pictures Music

Bobby Champs – All Night

So, I’m doing my part. I’ve got my window open, letting that deep techno bounce all over my neighbors’ perked-up ears while they’re on a ’round the block cat walk. As a master of cat calls, I’m eagerly waiting for them to stop by my window, with lil cat treats coming out of my speakers so that we can have fun together.

Bobby Champs, chillin' hard

credit: Bobby Champs Facebook

Bobby Champs has a proper
vision for the dancefloor

Now that I have all these cool cats gathered, I gotta get em dancing!

The Moonlight EP is a welcomed treat from across the pond; more of that Sweetest indie sound that’ll surely reinvigorate stale dancefloors worldwide.

Tracks like All Night and Moonlight (and its dub version) are a beckoning call for getting down to straight-f’in-business. And although we don’t have the song available to stream, let me tell you that Lucid is a track that culminates the Bobby Champs experience loud and clear.

A proper helping of acid bass and vocal samples commanding you to get down doesn’t leave room for much else but V-12 booty-shaking.

The songs are bangers for sure, mashed together in the form of a debut EP that most definitely comes through sounding clean. With Bobby’s beat-laden path blossoming ahead of him, he’ll have plenty of time (and cats) to test whether or not the next songs in the mix are simple scraps or Fancy Feasts.

Bobby Champs – Dazed Digital Mix

Don’t mind us; we’re just gonna throw on this mixtape and get back to an allnighter of

top-notch techno dancin’ with Bobby Champs!

feature photo courtesy of Alex Clapworthy via Pictures Music