Indie Playlist: June 25, 2012

round of applause

Round of applause to all the new lil Driplets and to bb Summer for comin’ thru lookin clean. Today’s indie playlist was brought to you by me laying out in the sun and letting the freshest Cali breeze touch me all over. We always gotchu covered with the slicccccccccckest indie playlists if you’re the type to slip ‘n slide through the week.

BRB gonna grill some kebabs lolol.



02. Contact Lens – I WANNA DIE PT. I

03. YAWN – Ganymede

04. Groundislava feat. Clive Tanaka – TV Dream

05. Sade – Cherish The Day (Sleeve↓ Deep Love Edit)

06. Noms – Sunshine

07. Breakbot – One Out Of Two (Oliver Remix)

08. Mickey Moonlight feat. George Lewis Jnr – Close To Everything

09. LiL TExAS & C.Z. – Crystal Love Affair

10. Goldroom – Verano Mix 2012

♥ u bbs! play nicely

Indie Playlist Monday: February 13, 2012

Indie Playlist Monday: February 13, 2012

Indie Playlist Mondays

Every week, we’ll share ten new tracks and videos that make us say yay!
Allow us to complement your growing indie playlist with some of the sweetest tunes.
We don’t rate with numbers because everything is cat-approved.

01. Electric Guest – This Head I Hold

Howard: Funky and not sorry, those in LA should know that Electric Guest is currently doing a Monday residency at The Echo all month. It’s free. Go.

02. Lancelot – Spoken Word

Reuel: Lancelot’s got a lot of support for his upcoming We Can Dance EP. You can’t go wrong (and you can’t feel bad) with such suave downtempo dancefloor disco.

03. Carly Simon – Why (L’Equipe du Son Rebuild)

Roddy: Great rebuild by Sweetest Drip fave, L’Equipe de Son!

04. Sebastien Faure – The Wave Of Love

Roddy: Smooth breaks and drops orchestrated at the right time. Part of the InDisco Vol. 1 by the Delight Club.

05. Kido Yoji – Call A Romance (Cosmonaut Grechko Version)

Howard: Cosmonaut Gretchko does a complete revision of Kido Yoji’s Call A Romance and it’s clean. Check out our feature on Kido Yoji here.

06. 2 Hearts And Chemicals – Coming Home (Miadis Remix)

Howard: Our favorite Texas act, Miadis come’s through with a new clean remix of 2 Hearts And Chemicals.

07. Bondax – All Inside

Reuel: Bondax is a pair of teenage producers from across the pond (Lancaster livin’) whose goal it seems, is to come out swingin’ like a true dancefloor gent.

08. Volta Cab – Sunshine

Roddy: Volta Cab has been putting out tracks like crazy lately and they all more or less sound as slick as this one!

09. Peggy Sue – Song & Dance

Howard: Interesting 3-piece Peggy Sue comes up slow and alt-frenetic.

10. Aaliyah – Rock the Boat (Shigeto Remix)

Reuel: Shigeto remixed Rock the Boat as a tribute to beatsmith J Dilla (whose birthday was last Tuesday), Sweetest Aaliyah, and all the highly influential artists/music coming out of Detroit.

We’ll be sure to keep your seat warm and the groove intact until next week’s indie playlist — Sweetest Drip got yer back.

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Blue Satellite Aurora EP

Stargazing for Blue Satellite

Blue Satellite – Aurora Pt. II (Vocal Mix)

I’m naked, on a bearskin rug, in front of a roaring fire — courtesy of Blue Satellite.

Evan Swigart via Wikimedia Commons

Just sipping. Slurp.

No, no babygirl. This isn’t a scary “where am I” situation, Blue Satellite has your hand, and he’s guiding the way.

Stretching a bit, I take a swig from a glass of cognac that just happens to be in my hand, and relax as I look out the window. My cabin starts to shift and undulate, melting into magnetic light. Apparently I’m Flying high, looking down on the world… you might even say I’m fluttering above the clouds like a goddamn Aurora — soundtrack of this experience courtesy of Blue Satellite.

It’s hard work, feeling this smooth, so I decide to prolong the experience by taking my sweet Borealis ass over to the skies of Tokyo, paying a visit to Kido Yoji, and listening-in on a great rendition of More than Real  — also courtesy of Blue Satellite.

Kido Yoji – More than Real (Blue Satellite Remix)

Blue Satellite gives me hope.

original image via Condorman | http://www.flickr.com/photos/themightycondorman/

And they get younger every year.

How should I put this? Since the shitty, shitty start of the “electro wars”, we’ve seen a decline in the massive volume of fun electronic & indie acts out there. The spark of “just trying” went out the window. What was left of our alt experiences became quickly invalidated, surrounded by sudden hipsters and brodettes who quickly settled the studio apartments of Portland, Seattle and NY with subconscious goals rotating around finding some generic job, settling down, and, eh, maybe getting a little pregnant while they creamed over every Fleet Foxes & Grizzly Bear song ( <3 Grizzly Bear).

The focus was no longer on the boogie or the bounce, but the relaxed, the flab-you-las and the grossly narcotic.

But then, somehow I still learn we’re too negative about this: If we just take a look around, we keep on finding much more than well-polished bits of pure gold in the rubble. There are audiotastic gems in places like Chicago, ATL and in Blue Satellite’s case, uh, Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Cosmonaut Grechko – Singin’ feat. Joywave (Blue Satellite Remix)
Blue Satellite Aurora EP

Blue Satellite Aurora EP | via facebook.com/bluesatellitemusic

Showcasing an ability to hop, skip and punch in the throat multiple genres with damn fine control, Blue Satellite (aka Philip Schwan) has a clear and distinctive affinity to live-recorded bass lines, and funky progressions mixed with underlying electro banger sensibilities — and we’re seeing a few hints of electro house incorporated for good measure.

The final product is always a consistent, clean and well-weaved piece of music.

A transplant from Birmingham, UK residing in Fort Wayne, Indiana; Philip started the Blue Satellite project in college.

While bouncing between different labels, time saw the young producer create amazing official remixes for RAC, Kylie Minogue, Shinchi Osawa & Edwin van Cleef among other great artists.

Though the talent — and sheer number of remixes — showcased in Philip’s work through Blue Satellite is an undeniable testament to his speed and skill, I was notified that there were only two more concrete releases under the moniker planned… as of yet.

With quotes like this in his old Bio:

By the time he had reached college, his abilities in procrastination and music were then focused into the project Blue Satellite, where he passionately began to produce dance music to annoy his roommates who preferred alternative rock music.

And an insane re-do of a Flight Facilities cover of Bag Raiders’ Turbo Love:

Bag Raiders – Turbo Love [Flight Facilities ft. Louie Austen] (Blue Satellite Remix)

I can’t wait for them to be released.

featured image credit Blue Satellite via facebook.com/bluesatellitemusic